We always know we can call and receive support without any judgement. It is like an extra family that is always there.

(A couple with 4 children)

Family Support has been such a help for my family. I would recommend them to anyone

– Cindy 29

The support and advocacy given to me has been a life saver.

(Grandmother raising her granddaughter)

Orange Family Support Service has been there for me when I needed advice, encouragement and support. They have helped me with parenting and social isolation.
– Diane- 39

This is legendary, it has made a huge difference in our home, for the first time in a long time we had dinner and there was laughing and no yelling.

(Two participants in the same family, after finishing our 1 2 3 Magic parenting program)

You can write anything you like .. from being God to whatever you want, as I would never have survived without coming here. I have a fabulous relationship with my kids and that wouldn’t have happened without advice and support from you.

(A separated Dad)

We are so thankful we came to Family Support as it was the only service that listened to us and believed us. Before we moved to another area Family Support linked us in with services in our new area which made relocating much easier for all of us.

(A separated mother and grandmother who have care of two children)

I attended the Family Support mothers group when my daughter was just 5 weeks old. I was nervous about leaving the house, however once I got there Karen and Carla were just so welcoming and I instantly felt at ease. Each week we had quality guest speakers who were very personable and tied in perfectly with my baby’s progress. The mothers in my group were lovely and most have continued to catch up each week as we have developed some lasting friendships. I would encourage any new mother to try the Family Support mothers group as it really is a lifesaver when you really need a friendly face.

– Melissa