Philosophy Statement

Orange Family Support Service acknowledges family as the core social unit in society and provides respect, support and encouragement for all family members, with particular emphasis on the rights of children. We beleive that the family is a critical element in our society; that the family provides an essential social structure for the nurturing and development of healthy children. We believe that to support the child we need to support the family.

Orange Family Support acknowledges that ‘family’ is a broad term. Families are diverse and no one particular structure is best for a child.

Orange Family Support respects the right of each family to make the decisions that determine the direction of their lives. We respect families’ right to live their lives according to their own social, cultural, racial and linguistic identities, as well as their own beliefs, standards and expectations. Orange Family Support provides a service that does not judge or critisise a family’s way of life.

Orange Family Support believes that families should be supported to achieve their own goals and strive to maintain independence and self determination. We believe that each family has strengths that can be identified, developed and nurtured to increase a skill and ability to be self-reliant and make informed decisions, and to manage their family to the best of their ability.

Orange Family Support believes in the rights of the child and a child’s right to live in a safe and loving environment. We believe that children need to be protected from abuse and mistreatment.

Orange Family Support respects and maintains an individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

Services are provided in a manner that ensures people from a range of backgrounds and experiences feel welcome and comfortable.

Orange Family Support is a non-profit community based service that believes in maintaining accountability to funding bodies, service users and the community for the delivery of the service.